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one thing i have always said always be prepared for the unexpected i have always had a brooder kit set up just incase you never no well earlier this week you all no about chick 1 from my uncles terible breeding pair last clutch the father was the one who was the plucker we saved the little one this week well today i went over i checked the 2 remaining chicks and was not happy they were not being over fed but chick #2 also has a hole on it,s crop so we pulled the remaining 2 my uncle is scared to death of hand feeding so i have the three here the good news is the first one is doing great as you can see in the pics bad news is the other 2 are so tinny it will be touch and go for them but i,m determined to give them a fighting chance the 2 small ones are 3/4 smaller then there sibling well here are some pics for you
Flooring Wood Floor Finger Hardwood

august 15
Hamster Rodent Pomeranian Muroidea Rat

august 15th
Spoon Cutlery Violet Tableware Wood

size difference
Hand Finger Thumb

chick 2
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