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cockatiel (Kona)

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Date: 2008-May-31, 5:50PM HST

Found a bird that was never claimed in Kona now needs a forever home.
This little bird had her head plucked bald by another bird. She is now
starting to re-grow the feathers. Her wings were trimmed (badly) by her
prior owner. She eats well, is starting to sing, and will slowly come
to the side of the cage I am on. She has not been handled by us but
seems like she could easily be tamed by someone with time and patience.
Email me at [email protected] for more info.

Location: Kona

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xposted from Hawaii Craigslist by 'Oscarbud2'
http://honolulu. craigslist. org/big/pet/ 703051489. html
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