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xposted _www.petharbor. com_ (http://www.petharbo SEE PHOTO
Normal Gray Cockatiel w/white patches on back of head.
This animal record may be found _here_
(http://www.petharbo asp?searchtype= LOST&start= 4&stylesheet= i
nclude/default. css&frontdoor= 1&friends= 1&samaritans= 1&nosuccess= 0&rows=10& imght=120& imgres=thumb& view=sysadm. v_animal& nom
ax=1&fontface= arial&fontsize= 10&miles= 200&lat=34. 086159&lon= -118.375984& shelte
rlist='BURB' ,'CHLV',' RANC','LACT' ,'LACT1', 'HLST','IRVN' ,'KERN',' KERN1','KNGS' ,
'LACO5','LACO2' ,'LACO1', 'LACO4',' LACO','LACO3' ,'MSVJ',' MNTR','MRVL' ,'LACT4', 'O
'SNDG','SNDG1' ,'SNDG2', 'SLOC','SNBR1' ,'SNBR',' SNBR2','SNMN' ,'LACT3', 'LSVG','VN
TR','LACT2', 'LACT5'&atype= other&where= type_OO,breed_ DOMESTIC^ DOMESTIC& ID=A9455

This BIRD - ID#A945543

I am a gray and yellow Cockatiel.

I have been at the shelter since May 06, 2008.

For more information about this animal, call:
_South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center_
(http://www.petharbo asp?ID=LACT3& searchtype= LOST&start= 4&stylesheet= include/default. css&front
door=1&friends= 1&samaritans= 1&nosuccess= 0&rows=10& imght=120& imgres=thumb& view=
sysadm.v_animal& nomax=1&fontface =arial&fontsize= 10&miles= 200&lat=34. 086159&lon
=-118.375984& shelterlist= 'BURB','CHLV' ,'RANC',' LACT','LACT1' ,'HLST',' IRVN','KE
RN','KERN1', 'KNGS','LACO5' ,'LACO2', 'LACO1',' LACO4','LACO' ,'LACO3', 'MSVJ','MNTR
','MRVL','LACT4' ,'ORNG',' PLMS','PSDN' ,'RVSD3', 'RVSD1',' RVSD','SLNS' ,'SBCT',' SB
CO','SBCO1', 'SNCL','SNDG' ,'SNDG1', 'SNDG2',' SLOC','SNBR1' ,'SNBR',' SNBR2','SNMN'
,'LACT3','LSVG' ,'VNTR',' LACT2','LACT5' &atype=other& where=type_ OO,breed_ DOMESTI
C^DOMESTIC) at (888) 452-7381
Ask for information about animal ID number A945543

3612 11th Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90018
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