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Ok. You can sex it through many ways.

1) Is the tiel's face yellow or grey? If so the tiel has already gone through its 1st molt (I like to be sure by knowing the tiel is at least one). If not, and it is about a few months old to a year, then you cannot use this technique. This is for normal grey or spliit to pied tiels. If the tiel is a whiteface, it is the same technique. Only, if the face is completely white, it is a male, if it is grey it is a female. Reminder: this doesn't work for lutinos.

2)Bring he/she to the vet to be sexed. This is always always 100% correct. It's the best way, but it will cost you a little bit.

3)Ask the breeder you got him from, usually if they are experienced breeders, they can tell what sex they are just by looking at them.

4)Check on the tail feathers and underneith the wings. If the tail feathers have yellow lines going across them, then it is a female. However, this will disappear on males if they have already gone through their 1st molting. If there are small spots underneith the wings, then it is a female.

5)Their are also many ways a female and male will act that can help. Remember this isn't always a true for every bird.
-Females will stick their vents in the air whenever a male is around.
-Males actually whistle tunes, females squawk alot
-Females will lay the eggs :p
-Males will be a bit more territorial than females will
-There are more, and others will help you with that too

Good Luck:D!
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