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Hi everyone! This is my first post. I've had Eldin for about 2 and a half months now and I'm still not sure of his gender. The people at the pet store said they thought he was a male around 6 months old. They had no information on his background so I only know what I can guess about him. He is either a lutino or a clear pied (his eyes are dark brown but the pupils get kind of red if a light is shined near them). When I get a job I plan to get a DNA sexing kit but until then I need your help!

Eldin has:
  • No tail barring
  • Wing barring/spots
  • Yellow face, possibly not the whole head mask as males do

He is very quiet and almost never peeps unless we take him out of the cage or is startled. He was untamed when I got him but he tamed really quickly. The vet wasn't sure of his sex either and said if he had already had his first molt, he would be female, and if he hadn't, we would have to wait until then. Unfortunately I don't know if he's had his first molt or not, so I suppose I'll just have to wait. What do you guys think?

Additional unrelated question: He almost never puts his crest down, only to eat/drink or preen himself or me. I haven't had him long, but he steps up onto my hand easily most of the time and is content to hang out on my shoulder while I do things, so I don't think he is afraid of me anymore? Is he just a weirdo?

Here are some pictures for reference, sorry they're sideways:


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The crest being up also means that he can be interested in something.

Honestly, at six months old, I'd guess female. About 75% of lutinos are hens, because it's easier to get a hen than it is to get a male.
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