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Hi Everyone,
I definitely think I need help with this... I guess I could google this but I think this place is great and very helpful...I keep rearranging Kiwi's cage, I think I have too many things in there..I tend to do this with my pets and also my grandson lol. Im pretty sure it would be a good idea to take some of these toys ..etc out to swap at a later time..I don't want him to hurt himself and this cage looks like it's a death trap! How many perches and toys should I have in his cage? Where and how should I place everything!? I want him to have plenty of room to get around.. He has a pretty tall cage so I have plenty of room to work with..but this just isn't going to work!!!! Here is a picture..yikes! 😬 Please lol don't judge ..I'm working on this! Some pix might be helpful if you could post as well...
Thanx so much!:)
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