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Hi everyone, i am new here but i have read posts for a while and really appreciate your support for eachother🧡

My tiel, male 14 months old has developed separation anxiety i think. He is well behaved, steps up, can sing about 3 songs, very happy tiel overall. doesn't let me scritch him with my hand, i am only allowed to use my chin, which makes it a bit diffoicult, but i am happy to do it and he loves it. he will bow down his head and ask for scritches. we also do kisses. he is great and i love him a lot. He gets 12 hours of sleep in a covered cage. he is out about 5-6 hours a day. two hours in the morning, 4 hours in the afternoon. we play, and we sing together, we interact a lot.

so, my question:
he started attacking my husband as he sees that he is getting ready to go to work. he will sometimes fly to his face and bite. or bite his ear and neck.
since last week, he started that with me as well. i am kinda good to overt his attacks, i duck really quickly, or hide my face. i discovered he is afraid of a little plastic ball with a little bell inside, so i will wave that and he will leave me alone and i can go.
i don't think that is really the way and since it has been escalating a little, i am wondring what i can do?

thank you for your answers and support, it is much appreciated.
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