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i have 3 tiels, love them to pieces but one of them(a female) makes this endless screeching noise all day long. I mean she never stops. One of the 2 males is her bonded mate and shes had a rough life. I rescued her from a pet store where some kid had yanked her tail feathers out. It caused her to have enormous cyst we didn't know bout till amost too late and i got her taken care of by a profesional bird vet.

Shes all healed now ...has been for a few years now but its just females are spose to be quiet type tiels...but she just endlessly does this high pitched screech. I show her as much attention as i can but she cant be bored..she has two playmates shes with.

Ive tried everything and nothing seems to work..she has toys, we love on her and she shares it back but this screech is driving us bonkers.

Anyone got any ideas?
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