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Scared Petshop Cockatiel

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I just got a Cockatiel from the pet shop that no one apperantly wanted (Due to him being a little older and apperantly not as desireable in coloring). His health is fine (the pet shop is also part vet, so they check on their animals and provide free health check w purchase). I decided to purchase him, because my partner and I fell in love instantly.

It's been soo long since I had a bird from a pet shop, and I am worrying sick because he is VERY uncomfortable at the time being. He keeps pacing back and fourth in his cage and Im scared he will injure himself somehow when he jumps/flaps around.

Any advice on keeping him calm? I dont have a huge apartment, so space is kind of a problem, but I try my best to give him as much space as possible and try not to scare him with quick movements etc.

It may be a silly question, but its been a while since last time I had a untamed bird, and considering he has been stuck in the petshop for a while he lacks a lot of experience with humans.

Thanks for any advice!!
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Hello there and welcome to the forum! :)

Give him plenty of time and space to settle into his new environment. Don't let him out of the cage yet. I would advise to cover his cage at night and set up a soft night-light near his cage to prevent any night frights. Keep noise to a minimum. The pacing back and forth is actually not a negative thing, I would rather see a new bird doing that instead of sitting fluffed up and scared at the bottom of the cage.

What is his diet like? Be sure to feed him exactly what he was being fed at the pet store while he is adjusting to his new home, and in a couple of weeks' time you can start to introduce new foods.
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