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I have a 4 year old cockatiel who is very tame with me and we love spending time together.
I recently moved house, over a month ago now and he seemed to have settled in to his new surroundings, only getting lost the 1st time I let him out!
We always have a cuddle before I go to work where he has some head scritches and has always enjoyed this.
Today however whilst I was scritching his head he started shouting and trying to flap around the cage, I stepped back so he could fly out as I didn't want him to hurt himself inside the cage. He few around a little then perched on my shoulder as he normally would. I let him calm down and he allowed me to cuddle him again and I returned him to the cage. On trying to give him a scratch before I left he did the same thing and began to panic.
What could this be? I was not wearing anything new that would spook him and I couldn't see anything abnormal around the room that would make him so scared?
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