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Scab above cere

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So basically, Lexa has a small brown scab-looking mass above her cere. I noticed it a while ago, but I shrugged it off. It hasn’t gone away, and possibly even has gotten bigger, and now I am worried. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her; she is as lively as ever, and she’s never scratching it or rubbing her head against anything. However, I have noticed that she is not pooping and she is not eating her food. She will eat when I’m training with her, but not when she’s in her cage (I’ve never really had trouble with this before) Her poops are very watery and small. She only poops when I take her out of the cage, usually because she is frightened. But other than that she isn't pooping. (This is probably from her not eating). I am concerned that she possibly has mites? I’d say her beak looks normal, Her skin is normal as well. Her feathers don’t look great, but she’s molting so she has a lot of pin feathers. Her vent looks pretty swollen, but there doesn't seem to be anything stuck in it.

I would consult my Avian vet, but she recently got in a car accident (the weather here is TERRIBLE, all of the roads are very icy! I’m surprised I haven’t got in an accident at this point!) and is unable to go to work for the next few weeks.

Please if you have any idea what’s going on, tell me! If I need to find a new vet I will!

Feel free to ask any questions!

Thank you so much!!

NOTE: Here is a photo. Since this photo was taken, here cere has turned a shade of red. I do not have an updated photo.

Bird Cockatiel Parrot Beak Yellow
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