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Is it possible to teach a bird NOT to do something in a similar way you can tell a dog no? Mostly I’m reading about redirection with birds, and I totally get that. Unfortunately, Hedwig has decided he likes to yank on earrings still attached to my ear lobes. I have multiple earrings in each ear and, for the most part, they don’t come out on a daily basis. Can I teach him either not to grab them or to, at least, not to try to rip them from me. He seems to like treating them like a fidget toy and it really doesn’t bother me. They all have safety locking clasps. But, when he decides he’d like to take them with him, it hurts like ****.

I tried making a surprised, hurt sound like I do teaching puppies not to play bite humans. That made things way worse. He seemed to want to hurt me after that so that I would make the sound. I later read they dig getting reactions and realized that was way wrong!

Please don’t tell me to simply take them out when I play with the bird. I will, of course, if there isn’t a tried and true way of teaching them to not do things we don’t like. It would also help me deal with his desire to destroy my upholstered headboard! Admittedly, redirection mostly works fine for that little issue.

As always, thanks again for the kind and helpful responses. I am totally digging my new bird mom journey.

Also, I say he, but I have no idea yet. I may have called Hedwig a she in previous posts. I’m not sure. I just kind of say whatever when I talk about it.
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