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Sawyer's Bald Spot (Update)

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Just wanted to write a very little update. Sawyer was moulting over the past week or so (still a few pin feathers to go), and the feathers on the back of his head grew back in. I'm guessing he got picked on a bit in the pet store. Poor baby.

Before, looked like this:

I don't have an after picture yet! My digital camera's screen got broked. But it's all white back there now, with a little gray feather if I remember correctly. :)
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Awww....Good to hear! Your siggie reminds me of my Ziggy.:) He also has 3 gray feathers behind there- it must be a pied thing.
Definitely sounds like he was plucked by a bully bird then. :p Good to hear he has a full head of feathers now. ;)
awww thats great that his bald spot has filled in, Sawyer is handsome boy :)
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