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I'm minding a young clipped cockatiel (Luna) for a few weeks, and I've noticed she has rather dry feet.

I've read pure aloe vera juice or aloe vera plant sap mixed with her bath water could help? But as yet she hasn't wanted a bath (she's had a mist shower but she wasn't really into that either, so I only managed to wet her outer feathers).

She seems to be growing some new feather spikes on the back of her neck, and she preens a lot during the day which results in dandruff-like stuff falling off her (so I think she's molting? Or has been molting? She has a full coat of feathers but is missing a few tail feathers; she has a minor bald spot on the top/back of her head too.) It's Autumn here now so we have days in the low 20 degrees celsius with cooler nights. We don't have a heater but the house is cosy enough.

Could I rub some pure aloe plant sap on her feet? Could I use my own moisturiser on her feet?
I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter - although I've read chocolate is toxic for them.. is there a human moisturiser that's safe to use?

:creamino linnie:

* btw: I'm new to birds, so I've been googling everything just to be safe - but even google is not all-knowing :3
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