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Runny poo and sleepy after the vets?

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Posting here again about my cockatiel Bella on a separate account :pearl: long story short, we took her to the vets a few days ago because she was shivering, vomiting and doing splattered brown poo. She was left in their care for a day and a half, being force fed antibiotics etc. They gave her back to us earlier than intended thinking she was healthy, only for us to find that she was still shivering and pooing pure water.

We took her back to stay for another two days and now they've assured us that she's healthy and doesn't need anymore care. It turned out to be a bacterial infection (or a mixed growth, as they called it).

I can't help but worry though - since she's come home she's still been doing runny poo and is spending a lot of time sleeping. She's definitely far brighter and more excitable than before, but could there still be something wrong? I even noticed her trembling a couple of times. I'm hoping she's just adjusting to being back home and is still a little stressed.

Answers would be much appreciated!
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It sounds like Bella needs to be put on a longer course of antibiotics, it's usually for at least a week. 2 days of meds is not enough to get rid of an infection. I'm no vet and can't diagnose her illness obviously but her symptoms sound similar to a yeast infection, which one of my 'tiels has had before (she was constantly vomiting and couldn't keep any food or water down). They gave antifungal meds as well as antibiotics for that and she stayed at the vet's for a week.

My 'tiel Henry had a bad infection with terrible diarrhea and polyuria and was put on several types of antibiotics for 2 weeks. He remained in the vet's care that entire time. If you don't trust your vet, please look for another one that is going to give Bella proper care and treatment.

Did the vet give you any medication and show you how to administer it so that you could medicate Bella at home? My partner and I have had to do it several times before and it's fairly simple. There are tutorials on giving cockatiels medication on YouTube also (as long as it's by beak and not by crop needle which should only be done by a vet or someone very experienced).
Thank you for your answer. It was 5 days rather than just 2 - when we took her home earlier we continued to give her medicine for both her crop and her digestive system, though probably not as successfully as the vets could.

Everything else about her seems completely normal and I wouldn't want to run the risk of giving her medicine longer than necessary - would that result in any kind of illness in itself? Because the vets said she won't need any more.

Thanks again!
Thanks very much again for all your advice! She's just done a solid poo which is a big relief. Looks like she's on the right track :D I'm sure some probiotics will help too
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