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Yesterday we got the best news--a phone call from Elizabeth Chienhale who is looking for her own lost bird in Los Altos, that a found bird was being kept at Petsmart while they looked for the owner. The bird had been picked up at Santa Rita School on Sat. April 12th near the Little League game going on. Our bird Vaughn flew out the back door on Tues, April 8th, near downtown Los Altos. I went to Petsmart (Mountain View, Charleston Rd.) and found our bird!!! We can't imagine how our sweet bird stayed safe from the hawks and cats and don't know what she ate or drank, but she is home and in great health and still affectionate and happy with us.

Thanks so much for your service!! We never dreamed we would see our sweet Vaughn again and are so happy to know that people are organized to help bird owners in the middle of their sadness!

Our best,
Jennifer and Abby Cilker"

Vaughn is: 'REUNITED LOST: CA, Los Altos - Cockatiel - Apr 8.08'

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Subject: Our bird is back home!!
From: Jennifer Cilker <[email protected] net>
Date: Thu, April 24, 2008 11:31 am

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FOUND: CA, Los Altos, Cockatiel, Apr.23.08 posted

A cockatiel was found at the Santa Rita School in Los Altos, Ca

Number 650-714-4009.

I think someone just lost a cockatiel in los altos.

From: [email protected] com
Full-name: Chienhale
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 11:29:12 EDT

LOST: CA, Los Altos - Cockatiel - Apr 8.08
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