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REUNITED (5 Months!) LOST: TX, Colleyville, Cockatiel "Chandler" Sep
Posted by: "Chrisi" [email protected] cbadrick
Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:51 am (PST)
"Hi, While on your website searching for my African Grey lost in Colleyville, Texas (02/14/08), I saw an ad placed by another Colleyville family 5 months earlier looking for their Cockatiel. I had been given a Cockatiel one month ago by a lady that had rescued a cockatiel from the side of the road, could not locate his owner, and finally decided to find him a new home. I called the Colleyville family at 10:00 pm, they came over and....yes, I had their bird Chandler! He is now back with his family of six years. Thank you for this web site...I hope my "Pirate" finds his way home to me to make this circle complete! Shannon"

From: Shannon Downing <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, Feb 20, 2008 9:29 am

Shannon is missing 'LOST: TX, Colleyville (Fort Worth), African Grey "Pirate", Feb.14.08'

Prev 911PA Msg #32246
More Info LOST: TX, Colleyville, Cockatiel, "Chandler" Sept. 23, 07

Correct Date... Additional Phone number

(12309) Cockatiel

Colleyville, Texas . . . Chandler

Sept. 23, 07

Chandler is grey with a white patch on each of his wings, bright
orange cheeks, a yellow head, and has a metal band around one of his
legs. He loves when people whistle and is very talkative. He was lost
in Colleyville around the Woodland Hills area near Glade Rd. Call
Jenny at 817-540-3631. Please help me find my baby.
[email protected] <jbtroyer (at)>

Xposted from
by 911PA Volunteer

*Please do not click reply. Please contact family by using the phone
numbers and email address listed. Thanks!

Prev 911PA Message 32098

Breed: Cockatiel
City & ST: Colleyville, TX
Name: Chandler
Owner: Jenny
Contact phone: 817-713-0079
Contact email: jbtroyer(AT)

Comments: He is grey with white strippes on both his wings, orange
cheeks, yellow head, and a metal band around one of his legs. Very
talkative and
loves whistling.

Xposted Id: 1473512 Sept 25. 07
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