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Hey y’all ,
new here. My boyfriend saw a cockatiel under his tire while parked at his work. He found this little guy And took him home. We have no idea how to care for one as this is our first pet. But we are currently low on a budget and can’t just go to an avian vet right away. the little dude is always scratching, very jumpy so slightest sound he wakes up right away, he seems to be napping during the day but does respond to us later the day. i can also hear him grinding?, chewing? and looks like he has an old injury, but I also noticed these dots in between his nose and eyes(Searched up pics and they are not normal?) his neck is also a bit bald when he stretches (not pictured ) and he has bumps on his feet. Weve only had him for 3 days..Im really worried and feel bad but we cant afford at the moment as we did not expect this situation. Advise please on what to do and what seems to be the problem. Any tips about caring, food, etc. . TYI
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