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Good morning,
I recently took on 3 cockatiels because their owner has been in the ICU for over a month and is unlikely to recover. Her adult children are unable to care for them for varying reasons. I haven't had birds (parakeets) in many years. I'm totally new to cockatiels, but am reading all I can.
They have been housed in a 3'x3'x 2' cage and I know nothing about their personalities, age, level of tameness, etc. It appears as though there is one male (very vocal, long tail, coloration) and two females.
I brought them home on Saturday and cleaned their cage as it appears it hadn't been cleaned in quite some time. Obviously, between moving and being put in a crate by a stranger, they are stressed. I have them in a bedroom with the door closed, in front of a large window. I visit them a couple times a day to check food and water and just sit quietly.
It doesn't look like they are eating much at all. One of the females looks pretty rough (doesn't preen). There's only one feeding cup. Could it be that they are so stressed that they aren't eating? There is only one feeding cup. Maybe one bird won't let the scruffy looking female eat?
Thanks for any thoughts you might have.
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