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Hello everyone,

I have searched everywhere for information regarding this, then I found this forum and I hope you guys can help me out.

I have a 3 years old male cockatiel, Kaju, he has been living with me since he was 1 month old.
Now that I am relocating to the Netherlands in March, I am REALLY stressed about him, as it seems like no one has any idea on the process or the required documents (Kaju might be the first lol).

Checking this website:

says that I must contact NVWA, which I did, then they replied with an email saying that they don't provide support in English.

I talked to a friend who knew some dutch, he called them, and their answer was that:
1- I and Kaju must come on the same flight (Talked to Turkish airlines, I can take him to the cabinet with me as he is a small bird)
2- He should have proof that I am his owner, (talked to my vet, I can get have such paper ).
3- They need some health reports, but they don't have this info now, and that I must email them in Dutch until they check that info for me, which we did, but no reply yet.

Does anyone have any clue on how to do this? Kaju is family now and we are trying hard to make sure his papers are ready before ours are ready even.
Note: Kaju doesn't have a leg band, I adopted it from a friend who isn't a breeder, and the vet suggested against adding it at this age.

Scale Bird Postal scale Beak Feather

Scale Bird Postal scale Beak Feather
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