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My husband picked up a gray cockatiel that he thought was my Bubba from
a home in Sacramento. The family that found this one did not want to
care for it anymore so I offered to take it just in case nobody claimed
it. I have not found my Bubba from Visalia yet. This bird is a sweet
little bird, a little timid, doesn't seem to like to hang out on people
and doesn't make a lot of noise. If you lost a bird in the Sacramento
area and haven't looked at this bird yet, send a picture. The lady said
this bird landed on her porch on May 5.If not he seems happy and I am
taking excellent care of him...can you say spoiled? [catalex2004 (AT)]

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FOUND: CA, Sacramento - Cockatiel - May 18.08

FOUND COCKATIEL! 2 in 2 diff locations
Reply to: comm-685480204 [AT]
Date: 2008-May-18, 10:45AM PDT

I am posting this ad for someone who found a cockatiel in my area. She called me this morning in reply to one of my 500 flyers posted in my neighborhood for my lost bird who is now found. I was going to take them all down, but now I'm not because I may be able to help find other people's birds.

Call 916 486 8096

Call Rose at 916 451 xxxx (let it ring a while).

http://sacramento. craigslist. org/laf/68548020 4.html

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