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Hi, it's been awhile since I've been here, so I thought I'd reintroduce myself!

Bird-wise it's just me and Kirby, a pied cockatiel. I always joke that I wish I'd named him Calvin, instead, because he has crazy yellow hair, is noisy, is picky, hates baths, is scary smart, and has to have his way. He's about 8-9 years old now, I think. His previous owner couldn't give us an exact year, but when I first adopted him she said he was either 5 or 6, and I have trouble keeping track, but I think he'd now be 8 or 9. And though I joke about comparing him to Calvin, he's super sweet. Definitely hand raised as a chick, very affectionate and loves to hang out...though he also loves his cage like a reclusive teenager loves their bedroom. Once you get him out of 'range' for his cage, though, he's very happy to sit and preen on a knee and get headrubs.

Kirby loves to talk and whistle a lot, but he's not good at enunciation or learning songs. He certainly tries though, the little guy.

He was rescued from an educational bird rescue, and whenever I go to an educational event (where we set up a booth with the birds and educate people on what to do if they see a wild bird/baby bird, what types of birds we have with us, what we do, etc - the parrots come along to be ambassadors as to what owning a parrot is really like and what parrots are like and so on) he usually comes along. He definitely enjoys the 'limelight'.

We also have three dogs. The older two are family dogs, Oliver and Jack - both are shih tzu mixes. The youngest is my dog, Max, a mystery mix of some kind of small fluffy companion breed (his mom looks maltese, his dad looks shih tzu, he looks lhasa apso, so who knows?) and poodle.

Max's full registered name is Marvelous Mustachious Maximus CGC (on account of having a tricolored mustache as a puppy...and earning his CGC title). He's in training to become a service dog and also a sport dog. We're currently taking lessons in agility and competition obedience with the goal of earning advanced titles.
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