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I have a headscratcher for you, folks! Don't worry, I HAVE emailed Harrisons for official word and what they think, so I won't just be going off the forum's word or thoughts, I WILL try to get an official reply so we can all learn.

So, for those not in the know, there was quite the kerfuffle a while back over the ethics of palm oil and its harvesting, specifically in relation to the plight of the Orangutans, and there have been ads as well as some products displaying the fact that they do not use palm oil in their products.

That leaves me with a little problem; I used to order Sunshine Factor 30ml in order to make Harrison's Bird Bread, but that has pretty much not been made for a very long time. The only thing my supplier has is a very large jar of red palm oil, and that is just not suitable when my birds are not habitual eaters of it (they wouldn't get it spread on some toast like macaws or greys!). So, I looked to the packet to see what it said.

On the instructions, it says I can use an organic vegetable oil. Now, I normally don't cook with oils at all so I was baffled as to which one to use. I stumbled across something called Carotino Healthier Oil for Cooking in my search, a blend of Rapeseed Oil (Canola Oil for US/Canada folks) and Red Palm Fruit Oil, in a ratio of 75%-25% respectively. Now, I wondered if this was suitable to use in making my bird bread? What are people's thoughts? As far as I can read, rapeseed/canola oil is a type of vegetable oil, and red palm was kosher before.

As said before, I HAVE emailed Harrisons since the manufacturer will know best, but I would like to hear people's thoughts
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