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We recently had a flood and I spent a couple of weeks in a hotel with daisy. Since returning home ,some problems have occurred. She has become extremely possessive with me and screeches and screams any time I even start to leave the room. If I have to go anywhere she screams, paces and destroys anything in her cage. By the time I return she is literally having a full blown panic attack. I have tried reassuring her, giving her special toys, treats. (which she doesn’t touch) Baby talk. Leaving soothing music on., etc.
I am afraid she will make herself sick. She also isn’t eating her chop ( wich she used to adore.) I think this in part is because veggies were few and far between while in the hotel ( no fridge).
I don’ know what to do. I’m not getting anything done and
I am afraid she’s gonna have a heart attack.
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