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Hi I'm new here and apologise I haven't introduced us yet.

I'll spare the details but yesterday my cockatiel Rosie got her toe bitten by our pet rat. I took her straight to our avian vet. He removed the tip of her toe and prescribed some antibiotics and Metacam to help with the pain.

Today is the first dose of Metacam i've given her, she clearly didn't like the taste (or me) and after flying back to her cage she started sneezing rapidly and so hard that she was squealing with every sneeze. It has eased off a bit now but she still has the occasional sneezing fit.

Is this normal? Could it just be how much she dislikes it, or is it more likely a reaction? The vets are closed now so I can't call them until the morning. Any advice or experiences from anyone who has used Metacam on their tiels would be great.

Thanks in advance
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