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Yesterday my cinnamon cockatiel, Friday, was throwing up, and today I found him sitting at the bottom of his cage. His throw up had lots of sesame seeds in it, with a whole bunch of slimy-stuff. He is acting quite flat and sleepy and he just wants to be in the sun. Should I take him to the vet?
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This is Friday this morning.

I put Halo (my lutino) and Friday out in the avery this morning because it will get to about 22C today. I am at school today so I wont be able to watch him.

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Take him to the vet fast and make sure you’re keeping him warm at the time covering him with a blanket till you take him to the vet keep eye on him lots give me a Update how he’s getting on
UPDATE: He's gotten better and is all healthy. I took him to the vet and they gave him this medication called "Flagyl S Oral"
UPDATE 2: He is back to feeling unwell. I'm not sure what happened. Halo and Friday have been in seperate cages due to Friday's special medicine, but when I put them back in the same cage overnight, Friday didn't seem right looked sick again.
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