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Hey me and my tiel Angel:innocent: have some questions. How much time does an average tiel spend out of their cage?

What does it mean when tiels raise up there crest and keep them down?

Do most tiels like water?

If you do give your tiel a bath should it be in the shower, or in a huge bowl of water?

Should tiels have a lot of toys to be busy all the time or should you not put a bunch of toys.

And then how often should tiel s take a bath?

Thanks! We can't wait to hear from you! :tiel6::yes:
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There are 4 recognised stages of crest position. Strait up even a little forward is usually nervous. Up but swept back a bit is alert but calm. back a little further is generally relaxed. straight back is kind of like a cat with it's ears back...ready to strike. You can read a lot of this in conjunction with body posture as well. They tend to get real skinny and very still when they are scared. I think they are trying to look like a branch. The majority of 'tiels do like water. I gave mine a mass spritzing today and all but 1 reveled in it. I also have a large dish for bathing available for them at all times. They don't use it often though. Lots of folks take them in the shower with them but I wouldn't try to force them under the water if they don't want to go. Let them find a spot that has the amout of spray they can handle. I like to Offer lots of toys and switch them out occasionally to keep it from getting boring. Mine will take a dip as often as once a week to as little as once a month but I spritz them too! I'm sure you'll get lots of oppinions on that. I kind of let them decide.
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