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questions regarding luka's incident

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so luka is all good and all but i feel something is different about him. he became very VERY VERY tame. before he would hiss but now he is calm. he is all noisy back to normal but being very tame a day after he became normal?also, one foot bled only 1 toe and the other foot was 2 or 3 toes. now the foot with 2 or 3 toes which bled he was chewing on it alot, he also chew on the other one but it was the one with more bleeding toes which got chewed more. he also preens normally. another question. i had th got some advice from parrot first aid (group on facebook) that i should give him electrolytes with this homemade recipe
1 cup water
2 teaspoons sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon baking soda and mix in their water

is it safe? i heard salt and sugar are dangerous
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All in moderation; should be ok. Some people actually use Pedialyte also. I have had a few blood feather incidents and the bird is calm and subdued after words. Losing blood takes a lot out of a bird like a cockatiel. Whoever did the trimming did not do a good job; the toes are irritated.
I KNOW!I CANT STOP CUSSING THAT GUY FOR HURTING MY BABY!(4.5 months) what makes me laugh at his idiocity (spelling is horrible i know) he said that he has 7 years exprience with animals (including birds) and i, A 12 YEAR OLD WHO RESEARCHED SINCE SHE WAS 9! know more about cockatiels more than he does! he says there are no normal greys mixed with pieds (AKA normal grey split to pied) WHICH IS LITRALLY MY COCKATIEL! i swear i just nodded while smiling at him but my brain was like milk out of my nose from laughter! and i dont have pedialyte. so that recipe works?
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