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Hi there!

I have three 4 week old baby birds. Two of them look identical to their dad, and since we are giving them away when they are old enough, we want to MAKE SURE that we know who is who!

I was thinking of marking them by making some vegetable dye and putting a dab of it on their tail feathers. Does anyone know of any that are fully safe and non toxic?

I got some vegetable food dye from the store, but there is Ethyl Alcohol mixed in to each colour - not sure if that would be okay to put on the baby's feathers.

The other option I was thinking of is making some old fashioned DIY colour with water, blueberries or beets, and white vinegar - but again, not sure about the vinegar being part of the solution. I know you're not supposed to heat that stuff up or it is deadly, but not sure about just putting a dab of colour with vinegar in it just on the tips of the tail feathers.

Don't have anywhere else to ask - it's starting to be a little urgent as the babies feather are almost fully grown, and I worry I won't be able to tell the difference later on when giving them away!


EDIT: If you have any other ideas for visually marking them that wouldn't be toxic to the birds, please tell me :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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