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Query about one of my chicks

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I have 3 baby chicks that are 4 weeks old. I have been handrearing them for 2 weeks. Two of them are growing well and I have taken them out of their brooder and are in a small cage. But the 3rd little one is a bit of a concern. He is only half the size of the others and doesnt have much of an appetite. Has anyone had this problem before and what do you think might be the cause?
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Your little guy being last hatched is a week behind the first. If you want to see what a difference a week makes check out my post under Cockatiel pictures. "Todays' Baby Update" It shows two clutches. One is a week behind the others. The first one in the second clutch hatched 1 day after the last one in the first clutch. I would have to wonder if your small guy is warm enough to digest food properly. A heating pad on low with a towel over it under thier cage would probably help the little guy.
I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes they just fail to thrive.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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