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My parrot (6 year Male) always had problems with feathers on wings. At least 1 of them on each wing was curwed. He was able to fly (even if he was not the best). Recently it got worst, he lost some feathers and one that grow does not look well. Now he have much bigger problems with flying. Half year ago we went to vet, but he did not know what is the cause.
(We - me and my parents)

His cage is open, we give him seeds dedicated for middle sides parots, herbs and recently i found a way to encourage him to eat eggs. He have sepia in his cage. He constantly refuse to eat vegetables, sometimes we add a drop of witamins to seeds. He is half way domesticated because during this process he got sick and we had to give him eye drops. We spray him with water twice a week. He is not interested with toys ( he used to be when he was younger, he even found a way to make knots! ) , but he like to climb on fernitures espetialy when we encourage him. During summer he sing. During winter remaind rather silent. We to try give to him some exstra light but he did not got tricked. We will try further with different light sources. He is in the middle of house so he always se somebodey, but contact with parrot is mostly verbal. He can step on hand but he rather avoid it.

Do you have idea what may be the problem?

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