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Asking again about my tiel Bella. She's successfully laid 4 eggs (this is her first time laying and she has no mate) and doesn't seem to be laying any further eggs but I've noticed when she's preening that her naked belly is very easily exposed upon moving her feathers aside. Is this just a result of her belly and feathers encasing the eggs? Also, she seems to be breathing quite heavily in her nest and bending her head all the way down, which has me concerned since she doesn't look like she's still laying 馃槬

Someone in a Facebook group suggested to me that she may be egg bound with an egg stuck further up, which is why there's no bulge in her cloaca. She's still pooing normally when she leaves her nest and is very active but I can't help but worry, so I'm asking here for advice. Is there anything that can be done at home to help her or should we push for an emergency vet visit?
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