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Hi, so my cockatiel mango had a night fright here on the 24th of December. She did scrape her skin and got a little tear that was bleeding a bit, but nothing too serious. Now comes to the last two days, Mango has been out as usual but I’ve noticed when she flies she can’t seem to navigate where she wants to go. She will try to fly to me but instead of going straight she kinda just does a big swoop to the other side. And ends up landing somewhere else. I’ve also noticed that after she flies she holds her wing out for a bit until she’s done her little fluff up and shake then it’s back to normal. She does not seem to be in a lot of pain, she’s eating, drinking, singing And playing so nothing out of the ordinary. Could it just be that it’s quite sore and because of that she doesn’t want to use it when flying as much which is why she can’t direct herself towards me? Any advice on what this could be would be appreciated. I’ll post a pic of her little scrape
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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