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Please help! So my cockatiel has a VERY severe plucking issue and he is killing himself. His beak is constantly covered in blood. He is plucking under his wing this has been a long going issue and we're so helpless to do anything. He is inbred (accident happen and we couldn't stand the idea of taking life no matter how small) and extremely flighty. He is not hand tame. His parents had a run in with a dog and refused to leave their cage after this incident. We've tried hard to hand rear him and gain his trust but he is so fearful of hands.

When he was but a young bird he had his feathers clipped safely at home. We used a towel and tried to keep him comfortable. He did NOT handle the stress well and went into minor shock panting.

We dont think he would survive the stress of a trip to the vet especially in the shape he is in. The only possible thing I could think of is to purchase a coller. I am so worried. It is killing me watching him slowly kill himself but I fear that by trying to interfere on his behalf we could send him too far into shock.

I believe we may have a chance to get the coller on him. If we were quick enough and tried our best to console him he may be able to recover. BUT I really worry that if he has a bad reaction or is unable to adjust to the coller that attempting to take it off of him could be too much.

I would love to hear ANY ideas or advice. This whole ordeal has been really hard on me. Thank you in advance!
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