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Please help!!!

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My poor 5 month cockateil shes been in the wars lately I've only had her 10 weeks on Thursday. She's had a bacterial infection I took her to the vets they gave me probiotics she got better a week later she hurt her foot I took her to the vets it was sprain and healed in 2 days. Then she starts twitching with being irattable. It was mites so I've been waiting for a spray in the post still hasn't arrived but I did some research online and saw that you can bath your cockateil in organic apple cider, so I did this it was working great no twitching just a few scratches. I gave her a days rest and I did it again today 😭😭 and since then she has been making clicking noises when breathing. Have I done this to her it's been hours now and still doing it. She will not drink no water and her nostrils look pinky. My avain vet is off sick so I can't get a vet. What can I do please? I've been so stressed with her these last few weeks I just want her to stay happy and healthy but something always happens to her
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Clicking sounds are usually a sign of respiratory issues. My guess ( as a microbiologist) is that the bacterial infection has spread to her lungs. You need to get her on antibiotics quickly.
Where can I get antibiotics from?
A Veterinarian will prescribe them for you. I hope that you have another Avian vet. around since yours is sick. Maybe a plain animal vet. may help you. Mine does.
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