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Please help .

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Just rescued an 8yr old male cockatiel about three weeks ago , he was in the smallest cage ever with nothing at all besides a food and water bowl . I know little to nothing about birds but I really want to help this guy out . He is terrified at just about everything ( treat holders , natural wood perches , toys , bird baths , any fruits or veggies ) except his food and water and I have to cut the millet treat in half or he will stay away from it the entire time . I’ve been sitting near his cage and talking to him and just trying to spend the day letting him know im not here to hurt him at all . Can anyone give me any tips on getting him comfortable with me , Id like to even be able to change his food and water without him being so scared . I also wish I knew what all his little chirps and sounds meant :(
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It will take a while to gain trust an adult cockatiel. Please be patient and don't give up. Don't add too much new stuffs to his cage. Start one a time. Hand feeding him his favorite food is the best way to gain trust. You need work with him every day, if possible multiple times a day. The more time you spend with your bird, the quicker him will get comfortable with you.

To me, cockatiel is very food motivated, can be easily tamed. I have adopted cockatoo, which is not food motivated. It took me a month to gain enough trust to work with.
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