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Pinfeathers ?

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so ummm yea, little kirby is just sitting on my shoulder and is getting a huge dose of scritches, he makes a funny screeching noise like non stop......

while scratching i can feel some rough (spot is round his neck just behind his crest and down his neck) spots down there, i took a closer look and it looks like little white prickly .....things lol

are those pinfeathers ? is that why he can't get enough scritching ?

and now he's preening me
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lol yea they do !

do yours make any sounds ? kirby screeches his head off :confused:
i don't know if he likes it or not judging by that sound.... but i guess he hasn't bitten me yet so i guess he likes it ;)
hehe... i would screech too if i had hard pointy things pokin through my skin ;)

im sure he loves it!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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