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Picture of Orlando!

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This is Orlando! Also another update, soon I think the previous owners are going to take Orlando back. I'm a little sad because we've had him for a while now I've gotten used to him being here already! :cry: I've been also putting in those nose drops that were given to us by the vets, so I hope that the owners bring him back to check on him. I'm not all that sure what else I should be doing, does anybody have any tips? Thank you!

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Well......I DO hope you get to keep him! I know how fast one can get attached to these little guys! Now for my question: WHAT on earth happened to his nare..(nose?)
When I asked about it, the owners said they were not exactly sure when it happened; but I do know that they had Orlando for a while, I'm assuming more than 15 years? Is there any way how to tell how old a bird is? They also told me they didn't take Orlando to the vet because he didn't seem to be bothered by his nose infection. I don't think they knew that he had a nose AND throat infection.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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