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Pic, Still LOST: NJ, Guttenberg, Whiteface Pearl Cockatiel "Tita" ,

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I have listed my cockatiel in several sites. This site was recommended to
me via my Craigslist ad.

Description: Cockatiel whiteface with white and grey feathers (I was told
by one of the sites that I posted her pic that her mutation may possibly be a
"whiteface cinnamon pearl".

Name: Tita
Age/Gender: 7 years old/Female
Location: Guttenberg, NJ (near West New York, NJ) in Hudson County

Tita is very timid, but friendly. She will get on your finger if you gently
put your finger out towards her chest.

My husband was unloading our car as I was heading out towards Boulevard
East/70th Street to walk the dogs. Unfortunately, my husband dropped her
traveling cage and it broke apart.

She is greatly missed by us and her mate. I am devastated and emotionally
exhausted. I hope someone found her and took her in, as I do not believe she
would have survived.

I am including my blog posting with detailed info of our loss of our
wonderful little girl.
_http://playingwiths oap.blogspot. com/2007/ 11/lost-bird- tita.html_ (http://playingwiths oap.blogspot. com/2007/ 11/lost-bird- tita.html)

Thank you,
(201) 675-8186

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LOST: NJ, Guttenberg, Whiteface Cockatiel "Tita" Nov. 19,07

Lost Cockatiel in Guttenberg, NJ
Tita - white face cockatiel. She is white/light gray and 7yrs old.
Lost Nov/19/2007 at about 4:35 p.m. in Guttenberg, NJ. As my husband
was unpacking the car, Tita's traveling cage fell and broke apart. She
is friendly, but may obviously be nervous. She really does not chirp.
She will get on your finger if you gently put finger out towards her
chest. My tel (201) 675-8186. Thank you.
[email protected] [chico_and_lola (AT)]
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