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**911PA Note: This previous Reunited bird is being relisted as "Still
Found". The bird is being fostered by owner of missing Danny (LOST:
Canada, ON, Thornhill, Cockatiel "Danny", Jun 06.08).

**See the found cockatiel's pic in the 911PA photo album
(Canada-ON-Found) at this link: http://tinyurl. com/64ouu4

"Hi Karen, Bad news...we took the bird to get its wings clipped now
that it was getting stronger and she is a he, so it isn't our Danny
(we were afraid to try and lift the wings to sex it as the bird was
so frail for the first while). Anyway I'm attaching a current picture
of the found bird who we will continue to foster indefinitely as it
is a better photo of the found bird (40424) and looks so much like
our missing cockatiel that it would be better than our original baby
photo (original photo message 41439).

Foster: Robin [robinporter (AT)]

************ ********* ****
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REUNITED FOUND: Canada, ON, Etobicoke/Toronto, Cockatiel, Jun 19.08

Found bird is: LOST: Canada, ON, Thornhill, Cockatiel "Danny",

A bird matching Danny's description was found in Etobicoke last
Thursday june 19th (posting 42054) and we were reunited on Monday.
The cockatiel found is identical to Danny, who has pied colouring,
however at this time she is not speaking, a bit worse for wear, and
is very stressed (which is understandable, because if it is Danny she
was on the lam for 14 days!). We brought her home and have her on
antibiotics. Hopefully within time she will calm down and begin to
speak again so we can confirm it is her. At this time I have not
seen any other cockatiels matching her description missing, so we are
quite hopeful.

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FOUND: Canada, ON, Etobicoke/Toronto, Cockatiel, Jun 19.08

Status: Found
Date Found: June 19, 2008
Breed: Cockatiel
Gender: Female
Description: White and grey cockatiel with yellow head crest
Nearest Intersection: Dundas/ Scarlet
City: Toronto - Etobicoke

Contact Information
Name: Karen
Phone 1: 416 760-7191
Phone 2: 416 366-7600 x2967
Email: [email protected] rsagroup. ca

Date Posted: June 19, 2008
Website ID: Other332

Source: Toronto Humane Society Public Postings
Photo at this link: http://tinyurl. com/yuak2f
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