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**See Mikko's pic in the 911PA photo album (NY-Lost) at this
link: http://tinyurl. com/67gekd

Country: U.S.
State: New York
City: Plattsburgh
Breed: Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel
Color: Yellow with orange cheeks and grey areas on his back and wings.
Name of Bird: Mikko
Date Lost: June/12/08
Location Lost (streets): Pine Street, South Catherine Street
Zip Code Lost: 12901
Age: 7 Months (as of 6/14/08)
Sex: Male
Banded?: No Hand raised
Microchipped? : no
Common Saying: He is still trying to talk, however he is still young
likes to sqwack a lot.
Distinguishing Characteristics: He is very bright yellow and he loves
give kisses, he also prefers women over men.
Medical Issues: None (he is on a pellet diet)
Reward?: YES!
Owner Name: Ashley Jennett
Owner Phone: (518) 569-6201
Owner Email: jenn3035 (AT) mail.plattsburgh. edu
Comments: Mikko is a momma's boy and is missed so very much. His
younger sister of 5 months is still here with us and she misses him
even more than I, which is hard to do. She has started regressing,
she does not want to eat, go "up up" or do any of her normal
activities. We need our Big Boy back, his family is lost without him!

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Subject: My lost cockatiel
From: [email protected] plattsburgh. edu
Date: Wed, June 18, 2008 7:13 am
To: [email protected]

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LOST: NY, Upstate, Cockatiel "Mikko Bikko" Jun 12,08

Lost Cockatiel In Upstate NY
Our 7 month old baby boy cockatiel named Mikko flew out of our home on
thursday June 12,2008 at approximately 11 am. He is a yellow cinnamon
pearl cockatiel, very bright yellow with bright orange cheeks. He
answers to Mikko Bikko and will squack when he hears a fox whistle. He
was last seen on Pine Street where he lives.

Email: [email protected] plattsburgh. edu
<jenn3035 (AT) mail.plattsburgh. edu>

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