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**See Andrew's pic in the 911PA photo album (FL-Lost) at this
link: http://tinyurl. com/2r7w4n

Country: USA
County: Pinellas
State: Florida
City: St. Petersburg
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: White and Pearl Grey
Name of Bird: Andrew
Date Lost: Mar/28/08 at dusk
Location Lost (streets): Kingston Street South nearest intersection
1st Ave South and 37th Street. We see him flying around and can hear
him in the neighborhood, and he sings at his brother from a distant
tree, but he won't land near the ground.
Zip Code Lost: 33711
Age: 9 months
Sex: Male
Banded? No
Microchipped? No
Common Saying: None yet, too young to talk
Distinguishing Characteristics: solid grey feathers on back, solid
white on chest, thin build, no pied feathers. Very agile.
Medical Issues: none
Owner Name: Alicia McClairne
Owner Phone: 727-954-6435
Owner Email: ababillis (AT)
Comments: Andrew is the first pet my daughter owned. He is dearly
loved and cared for and a regular customer at Crazy George's on 66th
Street North. He flew away when she took the bird cages outside to
clean. We know he's in the neighborhood, we have his favorite food
all over the property which is greatly appreciated by the squirrels,
pigeons and cardinals, and we are grateful for all help provided to
reunite with our very first pet.

**posted by Retta 911PA volunteer**

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LOST: FL, St. Petersburg, Cockatiel, Mar. 28, 08

Lost Cockatiel Grey and White

Reply to: comm-622458640 (AT)
[[email protected] ...]
Date: 2008-Mar-28, 9:59PM EDT

My daughter's 10 month old cockatiel flew the coop and her heart is
broken. He has a white head, a white crest, a soft grey body. He was
last seen (3/28/08)at dusk in the vicinity of 1st Avenue south and
37th Street in St. Petersburg.

Please call 727 954-6135 if you find him!

Location: St. Petersburg
http://tampa. craigslist. org/laf/62245864 0.html

**xposted by Retta 911PA volunteer**
Sent for more info.
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