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**See the cockatiel's pic in the 911PA photo album (MI-Found)
at this link: http://tinyurl. com/5rjale

County: Macomb
State: MI
City: Warren
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Gray, yellow head bright orange cheeks gray tail feathers
Date Found: March 10th
Location Found (streets): 9 Mile and Gratiot
Zip Code Found: 48089
Banded? no
Checked for Microchip with Vet? no
Common Saying: Owner must describe sayings and whistles
Distinguishing Characteristics: none
Medical Issues Observed: none
Finder Name: Kim Rakic
Finder Phone:
Finder Email: gmpnq (AT)
Comments: Friendly bird, likes to be out of cage with family, it
seems he doesnt like to be alone - whistles, chirps when we leave the

**posted by Retta 911PA volunteer**

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FOUND: MI, ?, Cockatiel, Apr. 07.08 posted

Found Cockatiel

male gray cockatiel yellow head whistles sounds like it say pretty
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