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Posted by: "paxetjustia1" [email protected] paxetjustia1
Mon May 5, 2008 7:04 am (PDT)
**See Magnet's pic in the 911PA photo album (IL-Lost) at this

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Still LOST: IL, Mount Prospect/Arlington Heights, Pied Cockatiel "Mar

Magnet is still missing as of April 21, 2008. Owner Email:
[email protected]

Country: USA
State: Illinois
City: Mount Prospect (area that is also close to Arlington Heights)
Breed: Cockatiel (Pied)
Color: Body and head are mostly YELLOW, outside of wings are mostly
GRAY, fairly strong ORANGE "cheeks"
Name of Bird: Magnet
Date Lost: March 19, 2008
Location Lost (streets): West of Eastwood Ave., near Isabella
Street (two blocks east of Fairview School) in Mount Prospect, IL,
which is near Arlington Heights, IL
Zip Code Lost: 60056
Age: about 5 years old
Sex: Female (believed to be, but not sexed, so this is not 100%
Banded?: No
Microchipped?: No
Common Saying: Does not talk
Distinguishing Characteristics: Can startle very easily; generally
avoids other birds that are not cockatiels
Medical Issues: None known
Reward?: YES
Owner Name: Joseph Lenius
Owner Phone: 847-577-6941
Owner Email: paxetjustia1 (AT)
Comments: She is an exceptionally sweet bird. Her bond with owner is
very strong, but, given circumstances, if recovered by a stranger
she would likely be cooperative and respond. She knows what SEVERAL
words mean, including "PEANUT," "WATER," "TEA," and "CHEERIOS." She
generally would rather drink water from a faucet given the choice.
Will drink warm tea from a coffee/tea cup, it is a treat for her!
Cheerios and the occasional peanut were also big treats. Loves to
be out of her cage on someone's shoulder, arm, lap, etc. She would
more likely answer to her "Magnet" name in the form of three
syllables, like "Mag-a-net." Magnet has pink/flesh-colored feet.

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