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Perching And Feeding Question Please

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Hey There:)!

I have a baby Cockatiel named Lulu. She is 51 days old today. I was wondering around what age do they come off the bottom of the cage and start sleeping, eating, playing and perching like an older bird does. Sometimes I'll find her perched but 99% of the time she's at the bottom. I put everything down there for her. She has food, water, treats, and toys at the bottom aswell as the top. I gradually weaned her off of the morning and afternoon formula feedings but she still gets a night feeding right before bedtime. Do you know when I should stop this?
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It depends on the baby really. :) My little Snickers was out of the nest box at about 35 days old (5 weeks) and he was perching from then on. But he was parent reared and he had his parents to watch and learn from. It's different for hand reared babies as they're often a lot more dependent on their human mum and they don't have anyone feathered to learn from. I'm sure Lulu will be perching soon. :D
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