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Parents won't feed a Lutino?

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About a month ago I got a pair of 'tiels from a lady who told me that when this pair had a Lutino baby they won't feed it!?! Has anybody heard of this kind of thing? They were bred in an aviary with 40 birds and 1 box. The box had no top. I'm wondering if because they could see how different the baby looked it put them off. They have not been bred this year but I am getting them healthy before I try. I intend to use a standard 12 X 12 box with a lid of course. Do you suppose that will keep them from starving a Lutino?
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Did only one baby hatch? I never heard of parents feeding all the babies except for one. Mabey they are just not meant to be parents. Iam not sure about breeding but having only one nest box in an avairy full of tiels does not sound that good. You would think that the parents would have a harder time protecting their nest box, ect. If you get them I would make sure you are prepared to hand feed the babies if you decide to breed them.
That is strange :confused: I don't think they would be able to tell if it was their egg or not. I have heard of other birds laying in another birds nest and the other birds taking care of the babies. I would keep a close eye on the lutino and make sure she is getting feed enough.
Oh yes I forgot :blush: That is quite weird.
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