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Hello all!
My cockatiels are first-time parents. They have one 3-day old chick and a few other eggs that I don't believe will hatch. The single chick has been getting plenty of food and attention from the mother. I don't think the father has learned how to regurgitate yet, but I'm not worried about that.
The problem is, the parents are only eating seed. I've offered many types of vegetables in many forms. I've tried chop made of spinach and carrot with seed on top, mashed egg with peas and broccoli, I've tried shredded carrot - but nothing seems to be working. They just go to their seed bowls and stuff their faces.
I'm just a bit worried about the health of the baby. Will it be getting the right nutrition? Any tips as to how to get the parents to eat greens? Should I put some sort of vitamin supplement in the seed? If so, what would be best?
Quick side note - the baby is not showing any signs of weakness at all. He sleeps a lot, then when he wants food, he chirps. He can lift his head well and scrabble around too. He has less feathers than other chicks I've seen at his age though, but I haven't witnessed any plucking.
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