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How many of you take your Tiels outside? If you do what do you put them in if anything?

I've been taking Lulu outside for about an hour a day for the past 3 days. At first she was a little scared as she heard all the cars going by and as she saw the birds flying around. But now she seems to enjoy it. I bought a carrier from Petco. It has a perch inside of. I put some toys in there, and food and she perches and looks out. Or I'll put her on my finger and hole her over the carrier. I had her wings clipped but I'm still scared that she'll try and fly and get hurt. My Avatar is a picture of her outside in the carrier.
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When I took Nibbles and baby out when we first got them I use the flight suit, They nibbled on it at first (while we were still in the house), but once it was on them for a couple minutes they were fine (they're older birds)

my flight suit came with a Lead (leash) and it's pretty short, and you put it over your shoulder like the straps of a bag/purse etc. So if they do try to fly off they're not getting far.

my b/f takes our Quaker camping with him and he wears his flight suit and he's in his cage,

but my b/f keeps the flight suit on him while they're outside, So if he goes for a walk he can Take billy with him on his shoulder instead of lugging billy's big cage all around the camp site

Billy is scared of everything and refuses to go to a different cage - So getting a carrier for him isn't a option
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