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How many of you take your Tiels outside? If you do what do you put them in if anything?

I've been taking Lulu outside for about an hour a day for the past 3 days. At first she was a little scared as she heard all the cars going by and as she saw the birds flying around. But now she seems to enjoy it. I bought a carrier from Petco. It has a perch inside of. I put some toys in there, and food and she perches and looks out. Or I'll put her on my finger and hole her over the carrier. I had her wings clipped but I'm still scared that she'll try and fly and get hurt. My Avatar is a picture of her outside in the carrier.
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The carrier is a descent size. I only take her out for about a half hour. I open the top of the carrier and sit it on my lap. I always make sure my hands are resting on the side of the carrier just in case she tries to climb out. When I perch her on my finger I make sure shes right over the carrier that sits on my lap and I hover my other hand over her wings. She enjoys it. Except today she was really nervous for some reason so I brought her right back inside.
By the way...That is one beautiful bird you have! Well make that 2 beautiful birds because the one in your Avatar is unique. I've never seen one with coloring like that before.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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