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Hi everyone
Sadly our 7 year old female cockatiel passed away 3 days ago. She had surgery 4 years ago because she had something stuck in her crop. The vet told us that if she ever lays eggs it could put a toll on her and eventually end her life. She has a male cockatiel with her too but she has bonded with me and the male cockatiel has bonded with my husband. They are close with each other too. Just last month she laid her first eggs. The vet was worried that due to her age now being 7 and has never laid eggs before that she would get egg bound. She so successfully laid 3 eggs without any complications. She was to take calcium drops for 28 days. She didn’t like them and kept regurgitating it. So I was told to reduce the amount. The last week she was still active and eating but quieter than usual and I noticed that overnight she would just leave her droppings on her bedding under her which was very unusual. I went to give her the 26th out of 28 days of calcium drops and straight after she went into shock, lost her grip and her head went backwards, started rocking and then flapped her wings and rolled back and took her last breath. It was so heart breaking because there was nothing I could do and I can’t help but to feel responsible. The vet said that it’s possible she had a small stroke last week and this was the second stroke and it would’ve happened regardless of the calcium drop or not. I keep thinking that maybe it was the calcium drop that made her weak and took her life. Is it normal for a cockatiel to have a stroke almost a month after laying eggs? Is there anything I could’ve done to avoid her having a stroke? Any insights will be much appreciated.
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